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About the 607 Lacrosse Club

607 Lacrosse is a new girl’s lacrosse club in the Southern Tier of New York founded by college coaches seeking to grow and improve the girl’s game in the area and bring together players who enjoy the sport and aspire to develop their skills and to potentially play at the collegiate level.  The goals of the club as stated on our home page are:

  • To encourage a love and respect for the game of lacrosse, its rules and traditions;
  • To develop the skills of our players while providing a positive, character building experience;
  • To provide opportunities for competitive play throughout the year by participation in quality tournaments;
  • For those upperclassmen who aspire to play in college, assistance with the college selection and recruiting process and the opportunity for exposure to college coaches.

What type of players are we looking for? – Student athletes who work hard in the classroom as well as on the field; players who are serious about improving their skills and getting high quality coaching; multiple sport athletes; players who are good citizens and enjoy being involved in their schools and communities; and finally girls who enjoy making new friends through the game of lacrosse.

We also want balance in our players’ lives.  To that end, the club will operate under a philosophy that should accommodate the other activities that our players are involved in.  While we will provide opportunities for practice and tournament play throughout the year, the summer club season during June and July will be the only period of time when we ask for 100% commitment to practices and tournaments.

See the club policy page for more information.