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Team Guidelines - 2016 Season

Most of the tournaments that we attend are structured around year groups, especially those that are designed to also serve as college recruiting events.  Teams will be structured for each tournament based on the guidelines below.

Varsity (Class of 2017, 2018) - Black Team

Junior Varsity (Class of 2019, 2020) - Green Team

Modified (Class of 2021-23) - Gray Team

There are a number of reasons for this, the main one being that we prefer that the teams compete against their grade level peers from teams outside of our area.  That gives our teams the best chance of being competitive and our players the best opportunity to stand out compared to other players in the same age group.  For specific tournaments, the coaching staff does however reserve the right to make modifications to this general team structure based on the players available, tournament structure, competition anticipated, and other factors.