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607 Lacrosse Policies

General Policies

  • The goal of 607 Lacrosse is to provide quality training and exposure opportunities for lacrosse players at a level such that those who would like to compete at the collegiate level will have every opportunity to do so.
  • Club selection is currently through invitation based on coaching staff observations, high school coach recommendation and by tryout.
  • Players selected for club membership must also become US Lacrosse members.
  • During the main club season which takes place in June and July, all players are expected to attend all practices and tournaments (exceptions noted below in the schedule section). If a player is consistently absent, their playing status on the team will be impacted.  Opportunities for training and competition will be offered at other times during the year but attendance is optional.
  • Players are discouraged from joining or committing to other travel lacrosse programs that interfere with their participation on 607 Lacrosse.
  • Position assignment and playing time policy is at the discretion of the coaching staff.
  • All players and parents must make sure they are receiving e-mails from 607 Lacrosse and check their e-mails and the club website frequently.

The coaching staff has long felt that girls from the Southern Tier who are serious about the game of lacrosse and are looking to play at the college level do not need to travel long distances to play on competitive teams.   We are committed to providing a club format that allows them to be competitively recruited right here at home.  Our hope is that the changes we have made will continue to increase the number of inquiries from college coaches watching our teams play at tournaments.  The club supports the US Lacrosse position on college recruiting as stated in their October 2012 press release:

BALTIMORE, Oct. 18, 2012 — The US Lacrosse Board of Directors today approved the following statement on the complex nature of the collegiate recruiting process for high school student-athletes. The statement was developed by the national volunteer and staff leadership of US Lacrosse, in consultation with members of the coaching community, and it reads as follows:

US Lacrosse shares the concern of many lacrosse players, parents and coaches that the college recruiting process is not structured or timed in the best interests of high school student-athletes. The current landscape of recruiting events and club programs — some of which operate throughout the calendar year — has encouraged an increasing number of young student-athletes to forego a well-rounded high school experience based on unrealistic expectations and misperceptions about playing college lacrosse.

Parents are being led to believe that college coaches focus on recruiting only those children who play year-round lacrosse and who attend multiple, expensive recruiting events throughout the year. While some recruiting programs and events offer positive experiences for student-athletes, others — particularly those that conflict with the school calendar or occur outside of the traditional lacrosse season — threaten the well-being of student-athletes with incidents of injury and burnout. This intense recruiting culture also has eroded the work-life balance of coaches and parents.

US Lacrosse will continue to work with high school programs, clubs, tournament directors, the Intercollegiate Men’s Lacrosse Coaches Association (IMLCA) and the Intercollegiate Women’s Lacrosse Coaches Association (IWLCA) to provide the information, resources and leadership necessary to enable high school student-athletes and their parents to make the best decisions about their lacrosse experience.

US Lacrosse also encourages men’s and women’s collegiate lacrosse coaches to exert their considerable influence to lead reform of the NCAA recruiting calendar, limit the age at which student-athletes begin the recruiting process, and agree not to attend or participate in recruiting events that infringe on the academic calendar of student-athletes.

Club Calendar and Attendance Policies

December – early February:  Five to seven winter practices and two to three indoor tournament opportunities.  Practices will be conducted on Sundays so that any school winter athletes will be able to participate if desired.  If you are not a winter sport athlete, your participation is encouraged.  Winter sport athletes are welcome to particpate but if they choose not to and plan to play in the summer, we just ask that they let the coaching staff know that they are interested for the summer season.

March- May: This is the school lacrosse season.  No lacrosse activities will be conducted during the school season although summer tournament planning and communications may continue

June-July: This is our main season.  100% practice and tournament attendance is highly encouraged.  After all, this is how you improve your skills and also, our instruction and practice builds off of previous sessions.  We will try to keep practices as efficient as possible while school is still in session and players that feel they need to miss a practice due to academics should discuss this with the coaching staff so that they are aware. 

August: No activity

September-November: Three to four optional practices and two to three fall tournaments based on sufficient players being available to enter a team and tournaments available that we feel will be worth the investment of time and money.  Practices will be conducted on Sunday’s so that fall athletes that might want to participate will have the opportunity to do so.

December: Depending on the schedule, winter practices may start in December or might be delayed until January.


  • Each session will have a separate registration fee based on the number of practices and tournaments entered.  This fee covers both.  For the winter session, the fee also covers the cost of indoor field rental.
  • Players will be required to purchase a club uniform which will include two game jerseys (or a reversible jersey), shorts, and practice pinnie.  Approximate cost - $100
  • All travel expenses and accommodations for tournaments are the responsibility of the player’s family.